About Us

Let’s start with a lie: we were born 25 years ago.

That’s true but we want to tell you something else true as well: we were born 600 years ago. This might be strange, but it is not at all. Let us explain:

We keep the tradition of Italian Craftmanship, when Made in Italy was not still born, in XV and XVI century.

Leonardo Da Vinci, Raffaello, Michelangelo are the most known Italians in the world: we want to give our little contribution to other artists. Masters who, day by day, century after century, shared their jobs with other artisans until today.

Made in Italy is not just a brand, is a must for Colareb: Italian craftsmanship for watches.

Verapelle straps, designed and produced here, are bracelets for watches.

If you are a watch addict, a Made in Italy enthusiastic or you got it by accident, we invite you in our boutique.

Every watchband is made by people, every strap is unique.

We are here to spread pursuit of beauty, love for craftsmanship and uniqueness.

Spread Italian Craftmanship with us, visit our shop.